About us

EFK platform connects real-life impact with blockchain technology and virtual worlds.

While supporting non-governmental organizations and their environmental projects, EFK platform also strives to make virtual worlds greener.

The core of EFK project is unique NFT collections available on EFK marketplace. NFTs as digital collectibles bring a variety of utilities to their owners. You can share them with friends, use them in augmented reality (AR), compete with them, or place 3D versions of your assets into green areas in metaverses. At the same time, you are supporting noble causes and making our natural world a better place.

Join our community and help us create one world that makes sense.



Whitepaper 3.0

We have prepared a new Whitepaper outlining our vision, business plan, the target groups we work with, and their case studies.


Blockchain migration to Solana

EFK token migration from an Ethereum blockchain platform (ERC-20) to a Solana (SPL) blockchain platform. After migration, EFK will become compatible with new SPL smart contracts.


KapokTrees - the first NFT collection

Our first NFT collection of unique kapok trees. The Kapok symbolizes the beginning of our journey in forest conservation. Outside of the gamifiable metaverse placement, real trees will also be planted in nature. NFT collection is available here.


EFK token listing on a new token exchange

EFK token listing on new centralized exchange – Bitmart.


First partnerships with NGOs and metaverses

Intending to make a difference, we proudly announced new partnerships with 4 NGOs – AmazonWatch, WeForest, One Tree Planted and Sázíme Česko. We also announced a partnership with our first metaverse Heavenland.


EFK marketplace

The official release of EFK marketplace will offer a variety of green NFT collections – from flora to fauna.


First project with a real-life environmental use case

Collaboration with Sázíme Česko. EFK team has helped them to plant the first 1100 trees in Czech republic and helped to support Sázíme Česko’s ecological goals.


AR implementation

Five generic AR models of KapokTrees are available to NFT holders, and unique AR models to level 5 NFT holders. This feature brings multiple functions - from taking pictures with your NFT to attending various competitions and lotteries that will be published on EFK platform website and social media.


New collaborations with NGOs

We are expanding our network of non-governmental organizations supporting nature and helping with global environmental problems.


Real-life environmental use-case with One Tree Planted

We will help to plant 1000 mangrove trees in Asia in collaboration with One Tree Planted. Mangroves play a vital role in tropical and subtropical ecosystems, protect the coastlines, restore biodiversity in marine ecosystems and store five to ten times more carbon than land ecosystems.


VR implementation

Placement of 3D trees from our KapokTrees NFT collection into the metaverse Heavenland.


Custom-made corporate NFT collections

Personalized packages and NFT collections for corporate companies will bring to the corporations new possibilities for communication with customers while supporting worldwide environmental goals.

Our green partners

Sázíme Česko

Our previous achievements

Refork brings a unique solution to help the planet eliminate disposable plastics. The EFK token financed the development and pilot production of biodegradable products. The company now manufactures products for gastronomy and supplies them to more than nine countries worldwide. Refork brings a unique solution to help the planet eliminate disposable plastics. The production is now located in the Czech Republic, and a three-shift operation is provided.
Refork in media and media awards



What is the EFK platform?

It is a platform that delivers a new and innovative approach to global ecological problems by using the modern technology of blockchain for its complete transparency.

We aim to connect the environment protection in real life with the development of green assets (NFTs) owned by users and generated by EFK platform. You will also use these digital assets in virtual worlds. The means of payment throughout the EFK platform are EFK tokens. The NFT will be used to transfer ownership between users.

What’s the purpose of EFK token?

EFK token is a utility token in the Solana blockchain (SPL). EFK token is used as a means of payment on the EFK platform.

EFK token is the first cryptocurrency that combines real ecological change with blockchain and virtual worlds.

How does the EFK platform work?

The central pillar of the platform will be a unique marketplace with ecological NFTs with use-cases across the metaverses and the real world.

Unique green assets on the EFK platform will also have a use case in metaverses. Gamification through NFTs will help us bring more attention to ecological problems and more users to the metaverses.

What is our vision?

Our vision is to be the innovative leader who implements ideas and projects that could have a tangible impact on our planet by creating meaningful green NFT collections. In addition, NFTs will be gamified and implemented into the metaverses – which helps to raise more awareness about environmental issues.

Once we connect the environment with the world of innovations and emerging metaverses, we will create one world – a world that makes sense.

Are there any projects that EFK platform helped build?

Refork was established with fundraising through EFK token. Refork products are replacing and solving global problems with single-use plastic in everyday situations.

Refork is now a fully independent company that supplies nine countries from all around the world with dozens of millions of their eco-friendly products. All of this was possible thanks to a 5 million EUR investment.


Where to trade and buy EFK tokens?

EFK token is now listed on LAtoken and LBank. Listing on a new token exchange will come in Q3 2022.

How to swap ERC-20 to SPL tokens?

The only way to swap ERC-20 tokens to SOL tokens is by using LB world platform. Token swapping on LB world platform greatly simplifies the whole process. To see the step-by-step manual, please click here.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is a unique contract between its creator and owner.

NFT collections will serve as the EFK platform’s backbone.

What is metaverse?

The metaverse is a digital reality that combines aspects of social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and cryptocurrencies. The metaverse allows users to interact with each other virtually.

What are EFK platform’s plans regarding the metaverse?

EFK is actively working with Heavenland, a metaverse powered by Solana. EFK chose Heavenland as their first metaverse collaboration because of its ecological implementations. For example, EFK’s NFT collections will be used in Heavenland.

Where can I find you on social media?

You can follow us on our social media platforms:

Instagram: @efk_platform
Twitter: @efk_platform
TikTok: @efk_platform
Telegram: t.me/efkplatform
Discord: discord.gg/V9xbMvEVXk