Interview with the marketing director of EFK platform, a successful ICO dedicated to ecology

27 Sep, 2022

Ondřej Vomela is one of the founders of the Czech company Refork and the marketing director of EFK platform. Refork now produces biodegradable products used in gastronomy. The first funding was carried out through the ICO, thanks to which it was possible to develop a unique biodegradable material and start a pilot production. Refork products are now distributed outside the Czech Republic.

Previously, we wrote about the success of your Refork project. How is it doing now?

The company is doing well, and we are constantly working on enhancing the efficiency of the processes and increasing production capacity. The three-shift production factory in Hostivař produces forks, knives, and spoons. Since March, they have also expanded their product portfolio to the production of straws. Refork currently delivers its products to customers in nine European countries and would also like to expand beyond the EU in the future.

Are you currently working on other projects?

The entire team working on the ICO is now creating a platform to solve the world’s environmental issues. We named the new project the EFK platform after our cryptocurrency. It aims to connect ecological organizations and modern technologies.

How would you describe what your new project is for and why you decided to implement it?

While Refork only addressed the issue of single-use plastics, the EFK platform was created for global support of nature conservation.
The EFK platform is a bridge connecting ecology and blockchain. Our goal is to build an ecosystem connecting real-world help in protecting our planet with innovative technologies like blockchain and metaverse. Added value for users will be not only the good feeling of helping our planet but also possible interaction in the metaverse and subsequent gamification. We firmly believe that helping can also be fun.

What is EFK token utility?

The EFK token will be the exclusive means of payment in the entire EFK platform system. At the same time, it will be the currency for interaction with purchased NFTs, for example, during gamification.

How many people are working on your project?

Currently, there are around 18 people. Here we can find, for example, experts in NFT creation, gamification, blockchain programmers, back office, and of course, marketing.

Are you planning to release any news in the near future?

Our community can look forward to the autumn launch of the EFK marketplace and the first NFT collection of unique 3D trees. The collection will support planting trees with non-profit organizations. At the same time, as the first company in the world, we will be able to plant not only living trees in affected areas but also their avatars in the metaverse. The first metaverse where the community can plant these trees is Heavenland.

If someone is interested in this project, which channels can they find you?

You can currently find us on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.