Our Green Partners: Sázíme Česko

The Sázíme Česko project was founded by Filip and Richard, two guys from the Czech Republic, in the summer of 2021. They started noticing changes in the landscape around their village. They decided that they would like to help and contribute their part to a greener future. We bet the Czechia connects people, companies and nature. Over the last season, they planted over 71,000 trees. They help nature to regain its strength again.

But they do more!

In order to have beautiful mixed forests in Czechia, for us to breathe clean air and at the same time to fight against climate change, as many people as possible must contribute. Therefore, they also involve sustainable companies and educate about ecology. They thus form a large community with which they work on the meaningful restoration of high-quality and diverse Czech forests.

They plant trees. They give people the opportunity to simply get involved and help the Czech nature.

They educate the public. They try to use their intervention on social networks for the benefit of educating people about nature, ecology and sustainability. Because they believe that every small individual step counts.

They organize planting events. For those who like to get physically involved in planting and want to get their hands dirty.

In order to bring the issue as close as possible to people, they try to communicate it directly. The key to this is:

Simplicity. How to convince as many people as possible to get involved in helping nature? Just prove to them that they don’t have to buy overalls and a spade for it. A few clicks and that’s it.

Intelligibility. Climate change, environmental anxiety or global warming. In recent years, a lot of technical terms have been inflected in the public space. However, not every Czech can explain what exactly is behind them. We therefore try to communicate the issue and our activities as clearly as possible, humanely and practically.

Specific help. People exactly know what they contribute to. In short, everyone can imagine 1 tree. At the same time, we transparently state on the website where the amount for planting one tree goes.

Our involvement

EFK platform directly participate in specific projects to help nature with the aim of inspiring others. In autumn 2022, together with our ambassadors from MISS CZECH REPUBLIC, we planted 1100 trees in the Czech Republic from the pre-sale of our NFTs.