An Interview with Head of Sales at Refork – Ian Baldock

18 May, 2023

We bring more news from the world of Refork - this time an interview with Ian Baldock, the Head of Sales.

Can you tell us about your role at Refork and your key responsibilities?

As the Head of Sales at Refork, I steer the sales team and focus on business expansion. My primary goal is to ensure sustainable monthly revenues to fuel our company’s consistent growth.

From your perspective, what makes Refork unique?

Refork stands as an innovative answer to the global plastic problem. We offer scalable, truly sustainable, and customer-centric products. Thanks to our dedicated in-house R&D team, we’re constantly pushing boundaries. This approach allows a broader audience, including businesses, to benefit from our eco-friendly products—meaning that we all contribute to a healthier planet.

How does Refork establish new partnerships and promote its products?

Our approach is multifaceted. We build partnerships with agents and distributors across numerous countries, boosting our business reach. Our proactive sales team and I attend trade shows, distributor events, and harness digital platforms like LinkedIn for outreach. We always carry information and product samples because opportunities might arise at any time.

Could you share some significant partners you work with, and who are the potential partners you aim to collaborate with?

We’ve had the privilege to supply our products to esteemed organizations like the Dutch Army and various Inflight Catering Services. We also work with Bubble Tea manufacturers. Moving forward, we are in talks with renowned cafe and restaurant chains, airlines, and other businesses to expand our partnership network.

What sales targets is Refork aiming for, and what are your aspirations for its future?

While it’s challenging to pinpoint a precise figure, I am confident we’re on the right trajectory. We’ve recently revamped our agents’ roster, which has led to a broader network and promising prospects. The grand plan for Refork is to achieve round-the-clock production, post which we’ll strategize for further expansion.